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Which Light Bulb do I buy?

When we used Standard incandescent light bulbs the toughest choice you had to make was did you want warm light or cool light.  Now there are so many different options to choose from and the numbers are all different, so how do you know what to buy?  

With lighting in homes changing, one bulb no longer suits all areas of the house.  If you have task lighting for example in your kitchen above the bench, you will want this to be brighter than if you were in a relaxing space (such as your bedroom) - below is a table that will help with suggestions for areas around your home
Lumens per area
Light bulb choices and how to make them

Warm or Cool colour?

There are no rules for colour, it really is personal preference.  If you prefer the yellow light than warm white would be the choice, however if you like the crisp feeling of the brighter white light than cool is your better option

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