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Home Ventilation

Home Ventilation

Rapidwire Ventilation

Using Ventilation to better your home is as easy as saying yes................

Home Ventilation systems create drier, filtered air which then reduces moisture levels and in turn reducing conditions for mould to grow.  By installing a system like this you create a healthier environment and help to reduce risk of Asthma or other breathing illness's within your family members.

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At Rapid Wire, we know that every home is different, which is why we ensure the solution is sized correctly to meet your individual ventilation needs.

SmartVent offers a range of solutions to achieve healthier, cleaner air quality in your home. These reduce condensation, circulate cool air or transfer heat by:

Ventilation  Positive pressure systems
Ventilatioin  Energy recovery systems
Ventilation  Heat Transfer systems

For best results your home should:

Ventilation   Have insulation in walls, ceilings (where possible) and under floors
Ventilation   Have sufficient heating (heat pump, wood burner or in smaller rooms a plug-in electric heater)
Ventilatioin   Tackle moisture at the source (have extraction in bathrooms and over cooktops)

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