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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Summer is here

We were told it was going to be a long hot summer, and while it has taken a long time to get here, it is finally here.  So what does it mean for you?

🥵 Heat that affects your sleep
🥵 You kicking off the sheets at night
🥵 Mosquitoes buzzing through the window that you left open for some air, and getting bitten all night
🥵 Allergies that are playing up

So what can we do to help you?

Well at Rapid Wire we have different options to suit your home and/or budget.

Air conditioning
We are installers of air conditioning units to help cool your home (and yes we do still have calendar spaces available so we could install them this month or next month still so you get the benefit of it while it is still hot).  

Ventilation systems
Some of the Smartvent systems that we install to help with condensation in the winter, can also be fitted with a summer feature, which means it will bring the nice cool air from outside at night, and circulate it in your home cooling it down so that you can sleep.  (Has the additional benefit of reducing condensation in winter too then).

Ceiling fans
If you have nice high ceilings, a ceiling fan can circulate air within the home, preventing that stifling feeling you get when it is hot and still.

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Summer is here

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