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Smoke Alarm Changes come into effect November 2024..... How will they effect you?

From November 2024 the building code Acceptable Solutions for protection from Fire (C/AS1 and C/AS2) will be ammended to make interconnected smoke alarms the minimum fire safety for all new build homes and substantial renovations, citing NZS 4514-2021 - Interconnected smoke alarms for houses.

What is an interconnecting Smoke Alarm?
When one smoke alarm detects smoke it will send a signal to all the other smoke alarms around your home, causing them to activate and sound their alarms. This adding the extra layer of safety to all occupants of the house, by letting everyone know that no matter where you are in the house, even if you are sleeping all alarms will activate at the same time.

Key Points
* Smoke alarms should be placed in all bedrooms, living areas, hallways and landings.
* All smoke alarms need to have a hush / test button
* Smoke alarms should be placed on or near the ceiling
* Where a kitchen or scullery is separated from the living space it is recommended to have a Heat alarm installed.

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What can Rapid Wire do to help you?
We have varying different options of interconnecting smoke alarms to suit your home and/or budget. Give us a call today on 067579900 or email [email protected] to book in your free no obligation quote.