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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Quinn (Electrician)

Quinn is a Taranaki born and raised Electrician.  His farming background makes him quite practical when on site and easily comes up with a solution to everyday issues.

His career began when one of his friends went into the industry and he thought what they were doing looked pretty cool (they obviously had some great work stories), so decided that he would give it a go too.

He enjoys the teamwork at Rapid Wire and finds everyone really supportive of each other.  Having similar interests as the rest of the team with a love of the outdoors helps keep morale high

In his opinion every day looks different with it varying from wiring a house to installing solar panels, but a couple of things remain constant:

                             A: there are always lots of wires
                             B: It is always hot!

Attention to detail and quality of work is what his focus is when on a client site so if that is what you want from your professionals then give us a call 067579900

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Quinn (Electrician)