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Protect your possessions

We all know over the winter months we tend to get more wild weather, and the risk of having a power surge is higher.  Approximately 28% of all appliance failures are due to surges.  So how do you protect your possessions?  

You may decide you are going to use a multi box with a surge protector on it, however this will only protect what you have plugged into it, so what about the rest of the house?

By getting your local electrician to install one of these fabulous surge protectors into your switchboard you are protecting every power circuit in the house.  The great thing about these is that they also handle more severe power surges than the common multi plugs do.

So how does it work?  Like a sponge it absorbs the surge and directs it down to the earth.

This unit will protect your possessions from induced lightening surges (however not a direct lightning strike)

How often does it need to be replaced?  Frequency and severity of surges are unpredictable.   We recommend that you check the visual indicator on an annual basis.  If it turns from green to red, we suggest you call an electrician.

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Protect your possessions

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