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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Mitsubishi Heat Pump

  • 5KW cooling, 5.8KW heating
  • Energy Efficient
  • 3D Auto airflow
  • Allergen clear system
  • 5 year warranty

Voted Consumer NZ People's Choice


Mitsubishi Heat Pump

Our Mitsubishi Heat Pump is a heavy industry pump, that will keep your home warm

These units were consumer recommended in 2021

High energy efficiencies, so it wont cost a fortune to run

Energy saving modes - Eco mode or Fuzzy Auto mode

Eco mode has the unit operate at slightly reduced capacity to reduce power use, while keeping a comfortable room temperature

Fuzzy Auto mode has the unit determining the operating mode and temperature settings automatically

3D auto airflow for effective and even air distribution

Allergen clear system to capture allergens such as hair, pollen and dust and neutralise bacteria, mould and viruses

Easy to clean filters means you can do this yourself, saving you money in the future

5 year manufacturers warranty on the unit

Have you been having a healthy home check and discovered that your house just isn't warm enough? This unit may help solve that

Also having issues with condensation?  We are the Smartvent installers around Taranaki and can help you overcome that too

Installations carried out around Taranaki, from Mokau to Hawera and anywhere in between we can assist you

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