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As we leave the cold/wet seasons and head into the warmer weather, we begin to head outdoors more.  Here are a few ideas for getting your outdoor living areas set up to maximise your summer enjoyments

1. Have your technology sorted
Outdoor entertainment systems come with a very unique set of requirements, nobody wants things glitching when trying to entertain, so think about

     * Outdoor audio equipment for a better sound
     * Extending your home network so your WI-FI reaches where you are going to be
     * Having outdoor power points so you can plug in anything extra you require
     * Friends need to charge their device?  Outdoor charging ports are also an option

2. Illuminate Your New Decor With Outdoor Lighting
Perfect for when you are enjoying your evening so much you just don't want to go inside yet, lighting transforms an outdoor space into an inviting retreat by giving the perception of warmth. There are multiple options for outdoor lighting, including:

     * String Lighting – excellent for overhead or along walls
     * LED Strip Lighting – for steps or borders, or attach to your canopy arch for instant ambiance
     * Lanterns – ideal for flexible placement
     * Uplighting – for premium aesthetics to illuminate walls, entrances, water features or pools
     * Installations – such as furniture or pots and planters

3. Keep warm as the dark starts to come in
Keeping your guests warm as the night progresses but you still don't want to head outside with outdoor heating.  There are plenty of wall mounted bar heater options on the market so you are not using valuable floor space that could also be knocked over by the kids playing.
Outdoor living over summer

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