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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Max (electrician)

Max was born and raised right here in Taranaki.  

He feels privileged to have grown up here as we are so close to so many amazing outdoor activities which Max makes the most of.  Mountain biking, Trail Riding and Skiing are just some of the great outdoor activities Max makes the most of around our province.

When he was a child he enjoyed pulling things apart to see how they worked, which is what led him to becoming an Electrician.  He decided to learn how to pull things apart without getting a zap!

Max has been in the industry for 3 1/2 years, completing his apprenticeship with Rapid Wire in January 2022.

He likes the small team aspect of working at Rapid Wire as he feels like everyone has their own place within the company, where as in some larger companies you feel like just a number.  

Attention to detail and quality of work is what his focus is when on a client site so if that is what you want from your professionals then give us a call 067579900

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Max (electrician)