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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Logan (Apprentice)

Being raised on a Farm in Taranaki naturally lead Logan to use his practical skills to become an Electrician

He likes that he gets to work with the different trades people and everyday has something different happening.  With Rapidwire offering services not only in the Electrical sector but Audio, Solar and Home Ventilation there is always something different on the cards.

Living in Taranaki his whole life he has developed a love for the outdoors and is usually found doing some activity outside with his friends when he is not hard at work.  This love for the outdoors lead him to save a kiwi once!  Most of us have never actually seen one outside of captivity so what a great experience to have had!

He is learning the Rapid Wire way currently of leaving sites tidy, and producing work to a high quality standard.  He is looking forward to the day that he becomes a fully qualified Electrician.

Have you had him on one of your sites? Share your experience and even some photos with us on our Facebook page.

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Logan (apprentice)