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LED lights, why are they so great?

With rising energy costs, households are looking for anyway they can to reduce their overall household costs.  Did you know that LED bulbs could be an easy way for you to do this?

Typically LED bulbs have  a lifetime of around 25,000 hours (that is over 22 years if you used it for 3 hours per day), plus as they do not have filament like the conventional bulbs they are more robust.  This saves you money on replacement lamps and maintenance.  Conventional bulbs only last around 2,000 hours and CFL around 15,000 hours.  So while you will pay slightly more for the initial purchase of the bulb, it saves you more overall.

Gone are the days where we light rooms with a single 60W lamp.  Living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens have had these replaced with 8 or more spotlights.  Each spotlight could be 35W or 50W (halogen) with a power usage of up to 400W.  If you retrofit LED lamps, the energy used can be lowered to just 52W for the same amount of light.

So why are they so great?  They save you money in two ways.  
                1. You save on your energy bills
                2. Since LED's last so long, you wont have to replace your bulbs as often

Other great benefits include:
               * No waiting for lights to warm up
               * Mercury free - so better for the environment
               * Runs cooler - so you don't have the overheating concerns of previous bulb
               * Huge range available (including dimmable and colour changing)

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Led lights, why are they so great?
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