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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Latest Updates

Appliance Testing

Do you have Appliances or equipment that needs to be tested?

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Winter is nearly here!

Are you waking up to condensated windows?

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Heatpump servicing

Has your Heat pump had a filter change in the last 12months?

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Smoke Alarm Changes

Smoke Alarm Changes will come into effect in November will they effect you?

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Summer is here

We all knew it was coming, and it took longer than expected, but finally Summer is here!

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Christmas Break

The Christmas Break will soon be upon us, so it is a good idea to remember to check your equipment before you go on holiday, and not only turn unused items off, but unplug them from the wall while you are away.

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Festival of Lights

As we get close to the Festival of Lights at the park, people start to think more about creating lighting features around their own home. Did you want to be one of those? Then read on....

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Advantages of a Smart Home

There are many advantages of a smart home, which one do you want for your home?

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See, Hear and Smell - What you should never ignore

See, hear and smell something wrong in your home? There are signs around us that your wiring in your home may need attention, so what should you look for? keep reading to find out.

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It's Our Birthday

It's our Birthday, we are turning sweet 16, and we have some special deals for you

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