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It's Our Birthday

It's our birthday in August, and we are celebrating 16 years in business.

We have grown from a one man band, working out of the garage at home, to now having our premises at 125 Gill Street, New Plymouth and 2 Apprentices, 3 Electricians, 1 Project Manager, 1 Administrator and our Director Nathan.

There have been ups and downs in those 16 years, with the most recent being covid, yet we still managed to grow since then, meaning our clients can rest assured that we are here for the long haul.  You can confidently book your job with us, and build that relationship knowing that next time you have a job we will still be here for you.

Over the month of August we thought we would give you the gifts, so we have promotions and prizes that we will be advising clients about on our Facebook page.  Here's a tip though, if you book your job in August, you may get some really cool things back.........
it's our birthday

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