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How to improve your outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be used in many ways, 1/ to create a relaxing/inviting space,  2/ for security purposes or 3/ highlighting features.  You can of course do all three, but the key thing to remain focused on is to have a clear plan to share with your electrician to avoid frustrations and having to spend extra money to fix where things haven't gone as you wanted them to.

Create a relaxing/inviting space

  • Use accent lighting to highlight spaces - accent lights are like pendant lights, lamps, and certain types of up lighting that are great for entertaining areas that you want to light up in the evenings.  No one likes to sit around a single lamp or fire pit, so offer guests safety and an appealing view with carefully planned patio lighting that makes your outdoor investments shine!
  • Path and driveway lighting - One of the most common mistakes we see in outdoor lighting is a gorgeous, well-designed, and well lit home exterior, and then nothing but darkness all throughout the yard. It tends to make homes look imposing rather than appealing, and path/drive lighting can fix this in one simple and effective project.  
Outdoor lighting can be used to lead the way, or create ambience

Security features

  • Motion lighting - Vandalism isn’t exactly common, but it does happen from time to time. Motion lighting set near entryways and windows can give unsuspecting intruders a surprise, sending them running.
  • Flood lighting - Flood lights near buildings or areas you tend to frequent in the evening reduce tripping hazards and help you navigate safely. Path lighting can also pull double duty here, offering beauty and sure-footed safety.

Highlighting features

  • Up Lighting - is awesome for highlighting large trees with a large canopy area
  • Pools and Spas - set a mood with different lighting depending on if your space will be for entertaining guests or private for your family only
  • Architectural features - use wall lighting to highlight any special features you have built into your home 

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