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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Here comes the sun....use it for energy

While the sun is out for most of the day...…why not make the most of creating energy?

With solar panels on your roof you can not only create enough energy for your own home, but you may be lucky enough to create some to put back into the grid - creating a credit for yourself.

Solar energy is one of the best sustainable energy options for homeowners. It utilises the sun’s rays, a completely free power source.

And, a solar system does not use fossil fuels or emit harmful hydrocarbons while storing and producing energy. That means a cleaner, greener New Zealand, both now and for generations to come.

The great thing with the system that Rapid Wire works with, is that they are installed with a battery and hybrid inverter, which means that even in a power outage your panels will continue to create electricity so you can power selected circuits in your home, and continue to charge your battery.

So is your home suitable?  As part of our service we do a visual inspection of your home for suitability, looking at where we could mount your panels and cabinet (this stores the battery, inverter, isolators and energy management computer).
Here comes the sun....use it to create energy with solar panels

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