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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Have Solar?

Are you thinking of installing Solar?

Did you know you can use your Hot water cylinder as a Battery?

During the day the excess power generated by this type of system is sent back to the grid. Why not install a Hot Water Controller that diverts only the excess solar power generated to the hot water cylinder instead of sending it back to the grid for a credit. This could be 500watts or 3000watts of power – thereby heating your hot water with your Solar panels.

One of our team will come to site and take photos of your site, looking at things like the style of roof, pitch, where will batteries go and do you have overhanging trees that could prevent your system from being effective.  

One of our customers received their first power bill after installing the controller and is happy to report a $0 (zero dollar) charge for Hot Water for the month. Needless to say a very satisfied customer!

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