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Heat Pumps & Ventilation

Generating your own Power

Generating your own power has become a hot topic for many people after recent weather events across the country.  So this month we talk about the many different ways that you can do this. But firstly there are things that need to be considered:

What do you want to connect?  Look at the critical things around your home
🔋 Fridge/Freezer
🔋 Internet/TV/Communications
🔋 Emergency lights
🔋 Water pump
🔋 Heating
🔋 Power outlets
🔋 Medical equipment
🔋 Meal preparation/Cooking
Then have a think about do you want it to be an automatic switch over when the power goes out/comes back on?  Or are you happy for a manual system that you turn on and off?

From here you then start to consider how are you going to generate your own power.
Solar Power
With solar, you have panels on your roof that are generating power throughout the year, so you could be saving money all year round, but it has battery back up that when the power goes out, you will then start using your own source.  We can assist you with assessing if your home is suitable for this option.
Generator Power
What size will you need?  Calling the team at Rapidwire to help you determine the total wattage of what you want to run in an outage will help you make the decision on what size is the best one to purchase.  We will also look at your switchboard, location, cabling etc and help you work out what you would need in order to make this work.
Generating your own power

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