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Door Security

Door Security by using a doorbell with video functions is a handy way to improve the security of your home, and is convenient as well.  See below for some key benefits

  1. It’s an excellent visual deterrent.
When a would-be thief approaches your door and sees that you have a doorbell camera installed, they’re going to think twice about attempting a break-in and maybe pass your house by for an easier target.

2. It can provide valuable video footage.
Should the worst happen and your house gets broken into, you can use the video footage from your doorbell camera to provide valuable evidence for the police. In addition, this video footage could also help you get the payout you deserve when filing an insurance claim.

3. Knowing when a package has arrived
Online shopping continues to grow and you can't always be home when a courier delivers your order.  Having a doorbell that notifies you of movement allows you to know when your package arrives so you can organise for it to be moved inside quickly, and keep your deliveries secure.

4.Know who is at your door
Random people knocking on your door is becoming less frequent, but with a video doorbell you can check prior to opening the door to ensure the person on the other side is someone you actually want to see.

5. It can add value to your home.
Recent real estate research has shown that buyers are increasingly looking for homes that feature various security and home monitoring technologies. By installing a doorbell camera, you are not only improving the safety of your residence, but you’re adding a feature to your home that will boost its appeal to potential buyers.

6. It can lower your home insurance bill.
Insurers are increasingly offering discounts to homeowners who install smart home security devices. According to a 2015 study published by Accenture, four in 10 home insurance providers have launched partnerships with manufacturers who produce various security-related smart home technologies. Installing a doorbell camera can add an extra layer of home security while helping you lower your insurance premiums – not bad at all!

But like any device there are variations available on the market so make sure you know what functions you want your door security to have.  
door Security
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