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Don't overload power points - here's why

Most home's now have a variety of electrical equipment in use all at the same time, requiring a large amount of energy to run through your home, especially with the rise in devices and modern equipment.  Most homes, on average tend to have 2-3 power points per room, however this is often not enough and leads to overloading without the home owner being aware of them actually doing this as you don't have to be using a multi box, extension lead or adapter to overload.  Overloading can cause damage to the item that is plugged in, or start a house fire.

Most electrical house fires can be prevented with regular electrical inspections, and proper use.  The worst part about an electrical fire is they spread quickly, and cannot be put out using water.

So, how do you avoid overloading your power points?
There are a range of things you can do like:
⚡Avoid using extension leads, multi boxes and adapters as these give you the opportunity to overload with more plugs than you should have there
⚡When purchasing appliances look for items that have greater energy efficiencies
⚡Get your electrician to install circuit breakers, this will cut the electricity circuit if there is too much energy being drawn
⚡Do not connect two high energy appliances in the same power point (e.g Fridge and microwave)
⚡Get regular electrical inspections and updates (outdated power points can cause fires)
⚡If you find you are using multi boxes frequently, it could be a good idea to get an electrician to add more power points in your home

Common appliances that load your power points with high energy needs:
🔌 Hair dryers
🔌 Fridge/Freezer
🔌Washing Machine/Clothes dryer
🔌TV's and Computer Monitors
🔌 Air conditioning/Heaters
don't overload your power points

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