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Christmas Break

During the Christmas Break we notice people tend to forget some safety essentials around their electrical goods, so we thought we would post our top 10 safety tips for the holidays below

1 Inspect electrical decorations for damage before use
Cracked or damaged sockets, loose or bare wires and loose connections may cause a serious shock or be at risk of starting fires.

2 Do not overload electrical outlets
Overloaded outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of holiday fires.  Avoid overloading your outlets and plug only use one high-wattage appliance into each outlet at a time

3 Never connect more than three strings of incandescent lights
More than three strings could blow your fuse, but can also cause a fire

4 Keep your tree fresh
Dry trees with lights on them can be a serious fire hazard so be sure to water your tree

5 Use Battery operated candles
We know lighting a candle can be great for creating atmosphere, and scented candles add to that, but can be a fire hazard if you forget to blow them out.  Try battery operated ones to reduce your risk

6 Keep combustibles away from heat sources
A heat source that is too close to decorations or presents can easily start fires.  Be careful where you place your Christmas stockings and presents this year.

7 Protect cords from damage
With extras coming to stay the extension lead tends to be put out the window for people to connect to.  Cords that get pinched by closed doors/windows or furniture, placed under rugs or attached by nails/staples can cause shocks or fires so be careful to protect them properly

8 Check decorations for safety label
New Zealand electrical goods are subject to safety standards and must have their sticker showing this.  Check all of your electrical goods for the safety standard

9 Stay in the kitchen when cooking
With visitors around it is a great distraction talking to guests rather than keeping an eye on your cooking, so bring guests into your kitchen where you can do both

10 Turn off, unplug and extinguish all  decorations
When you go to sleep or leave the house it is good practice to turn off all items and blow out candles so you don't have any fires start.
Christmas Break

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