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Advantages of a Smart Home

There are many advantages of a smart home, equipping you with automated systems that allow you to control various electronic appliances, lighting, security, temperature, air quality and other features from a remote or smartphone app.   Having a smart home could potentially save you time, money and energy whilst being convenient too.  
Below we will look at how a smart home benefits you

Having the ability to remote access things around your home can be extremely convenient, for example, if you receive a delivery and are not home, you can open your garage door and let the courier company drop your package there, and then close it again (all while watching on your camera).   Another example is turning lights on and off while you are away on holiday, giving the appearance of someone being home!  
Having voice activation is another convenience, you can ask Alexa or Google home to play music, order takeaways, find a recipe or adjust temperature settings.

With this technology you can monitor activity inside and outside your home 24/7 from any location via the app.  Some options even give you the option to speak via your camera to the person that is on your property (with couriers, or your kids for example).  Knowing you can keep your family and property safe and secure gives you piece of mind.

Energy Efficiency
Smart home systems can control lighting and temperature which ultimately means you can be reducing your energy consumption in the home.  How many times have you gotten home and found the kids have left all the lights on in the home?  Now you can check via your app and turn them off.  Can't remember if you turned the heat pump off when you left?  Check on your phone.
Adding motion sensors that will activate when you walk into a room, and then turn off when no more motion is detected can also combat lights being left on.
 All this adds up to saving you money on your monthly energy bills.

Improved Value
When you decide that it is time to relocate somewhere else, having your home equipped with modern conveniences are more attractive to buyers, potentially raising the property's sale price.

Decided to have a movie night?  Many home systems have built in entertainment features, allowing you to tell it "movie" and it will adjust your blinds, volume, lights etc. to set your home up how you like it when you want to relax and unwind.

With things like water leakage sensors you can have the assurance that your home will pick up and notify you quickly if there is something going wrong in your home, allowing you to fix it quickly, and with less damage around the home.
Advantages of a smart home

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