Heat Pumps & Home Ventilation

Heat Pumps are a cost effective and efficient way of heating your home when using electricity.

At Rapid Wire, we know that every home is different, which is why we ensure the solution is sized correctly to meet your individual heating needs.

  • Energy efficient with low running costs
  • Improved Air quality – which is great for Allergy sufferers
  • Unobtrusive Heating (quiet)
  • Humidity Control – does not add moisture to your home and can also dehumidify SAFETY – No Hot Surfaces!!!
  • Added bonus of cooling in Summer





Smart Vent Home Ventilation

SmartVent offers a range of solutions to achieve healthier, cleaner air quality in your home. These reduce condensation,circulate cool air or transfer heat.

  • Positive pressure systems
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Heat Transfer systems